Sitemap - 2023 - New Worlder

Episode #71: Luiz Filipe Souza

New Culinary Books I'm Excited About

Rewriting the History of Cacao

Chang Gang love, Mallmann vs. Michelin & Shane Mitchell's Crop Cycles

A Guide to the Criolla Grapes of the Americas

Demystifying Squash Blossoms

Episode #70: Andrew Wong

The Return of Pedro Miguel Schiaffino + New Restaurants from Mitsuharu Tsumura, Mario Castrellón, Bo Bech & Aitor Arregi

Episode #69: Robert Bradley

Photo Essay: Cacao Chuncho in La Convención, Peru

Episode #68: Deepanker Khosla

Peru's 100 Favorite Recipes, More Michelin Uproar & Bruno Verjus.

Jambu & its Electric Leaves & Flowers

Eat List: Bogotá, Colombia

Tales of Tacos in Iceland

New Restaurants from the Chefs of El Chato, Mérito, Fonda Lo Que Hay, Metzi & Pujol

The Michelin Guide is Expanding in Latin America. They’ll Get it All Wrong.

Episode #67: Juan Sebastián Pérez

Travel Guide: Lisbon, Portugal

Arepa de Coco

Episode #66: Katie Parla

The Edible Plants of the Atacama Desert

Guatemala’s Black Salt

Buffalo Chicken of the Woods

Eat List: El Salvador

Eating Ecosystems

Inconvenient Truths About Food

Episode #65: Atsushi Tanaka

The Salvadoran Coast

Julia & Henry's in Miami and Alberto Landgraf in London, plus Lima/Quito/Bogotá/NYC

Episode #64: Vaughan Mabee


El Xolo is the Restaurant El Salvador Needs Right Now

Episode #63: Meyling Tang

Travels in the West of El Salvador

Ferran Adrià's Future, Lengua & Gut Biomes

Episode #62: Natalia Burakowska

Travel Guide: Rioja

The Last of the Pejesaperos

Turtles, Palm Fruits & Lemon Ants of the Alto Rio Negro

Maty's, Mauka, Ramps, NYC’s 100 Best Restos & more

Episode #61: Joris Bijdendijk

Eating Invasive Species is More Adaptation Than Solution

Ode to the Arepa de Huevo

Eat List: Mexico City Taquerías

Episode #60: Luis Fabini

Experimenting with Food & A.I.

Food Trucks in Patagonia

The Awakening of Peruvian Wine

The Rise of Regional Fine Dining in Latin America

Episode #59: Alberto Landgraf

Lengua de Vaca Mushrooms, Canelo & Marine Life in Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia

Ode to Tacu Tacu

Is it Time to Change the Narrative Around Cuy?

Eat List: Lima, Peru

Episode #58: Jeremy Chan

Fine Dining is Not Dead, But it is Changing

Episode #57: Nayan Gowda

Reviving the American Chestnut

2 Days in Arica

My Thoughts on What’s Happening in Peru

Wild Fruits, Game & Marine Life of Colombia’s La Guajira


Episode #56: Marko Ayling

Eat List: Cartagena & Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

Episode #55: José Gonzales

Zaida Cotes of Clan Ipuana

The Food of La Guajira

La Castaña Amazónica

Pão de Queijo Waffles