Episode #59: Alberto LandgrafEscucha ahora (73 min) | The chef of Oteque in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Bossa in London, England.
Foraged, fished and hunted ingredients from southernmost Argentina.
My love letter to a Peruvian rice and beans recipe.
Andean guinea pig isn’t an exotic ingredient, but a protein for the future.
The ultimate guide of where to eat, drink and shop for food products in the Peruvian capital.

February 2023

Episode #58: Jeremy ChanListen now (53 min) | The chef of the restaurant Ikoyi in London.
My predictions for the near future for haute cuisine.
Episode #57: Nayan GowdaListen now (52 min) | The British born winemaker of Jardín Oculto in Bolivia.
Plus, a recipe for kuchen de castañas.
Eating around the northern Chilean port city.
As written from a ship off the South Coast.
Ingredients from the arid tropical drylands and Sierra Nevada foothills.