The restaurants, markets, street food stalls and bars you need to know.

November 2022

A new Barrio Chino has emerged in a Lima suburb.

October 2022

Know your hormigas chicatanas from your hormigas culonas.

September 2022

Fondas, fine dining, Chino-Panameño & specialty coffee shops.
Picanterías, chicharronerías, New Andean restaurants and pisco bars from Aguas Calientes to Urubamba and every in between.
Markets, cooking on tatakuas, tasting menus and art deco cafés.
The very best restaurants, acarajé vendors, caranguejo spots & markets.
Indigenous food, tacacá, Felipe Schaedler & markets.

August 2022

Criolla market stalls, cafés, tasting menus and maybe the best Chinese restaurant in Central America.

July 2022

From Chicha de Jora to Masato de Pijuayo.

June 2022

Where to rock your chochas off in the Chilean capital.

April 2022

Tortillerías, market stalls and súchiles, plus creole, Mayan and modern Guatemalan restaurants.